Yvolution Y Glider 3in1 Kids Kick Scooter Ride On (Pink) Get

Yvolution Y Glider 3in1 Kids Kick Scooter Ride On (Pink) Get

Tips on Helpful Yvolution Y Glider 3in1 Kids Kick Scooter Ride On (Pink) as a Gift Suggestion Review by BallerrtMooroop.org
Brand : Yvolution

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The Yvolution Y Glider 3in1 scooter uses a patented lean to steer mechanism which corresponds with a kid’s natural skills and capabilities. Choosing a lean to steer scooter over a traditional kick scooter gives your child the opportunity to learn a skill not otherwise offered to them. Chances are they are going to learn to ride a bike at some point – and this will teach them traditional steering. By giving them this opportunity to learn another skill you are improving their vestibular system, their strength, and brain function. The vestibular system tells us where we are in the world. It uses sensory input from the eyes, ears, and touch to tell us where we are in relation to other objects. By challenging the vestibular system with a mechanism like lean to steer, you are teaching your body to react to different types of movement. Better reactions decrease the likelihood of injury and improve co-ordination. For the rest of your life. Giving your child the opportunity to use and play with this Y Glider kick scooter not only improves their vestibular system, but also brain function. Scientists at Cornell University have found that as people learn new skills the pathways between neurons strengthens. As you get better at a skill, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard at it. In addition to the increase in strength in the synapses which are helping your child steer, over all brain size also increases. By choosing a Y Glider 3 in 1 for your kid over a bicycle with stabilizers / training wheels or even an electric scooter you are also giving them the opportunity to improve functional strength. The 3in1 gives your child the freedom to improve muscle tone in their legs and trunk, in an incredibly fun way.

Some Key Feature of Yvolution Y Glider 3in1 Kids Kick Scooter Ride On (Pink) :

  • Early stage three wheeled scooter with wide deck to support both feet.
  • Improves motor skills, balance and co-ordination.
  • Safety grip deck with built in suspension design.
  • Product weight: 7lbs [3.2kgs] ;Maximum loading weight: 44lbs [20kg]
  • Product dimensions (L x H x W): 22.04 x 27.54 x 10.23 inches
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