Rev on Choosing a Kick Scooter for Toddlers

Rev on Choosing a Kick Scooter for Toddlers

Expand your child’s motor skills and horizons while building his/her confidence, ready for moving on to more challenging rides in the future. Find and choose from some highly-rated scooter that has attracted much attention and numerous positive reviews from customers like you. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality or performance of a scooter, contact the shop and  make it right! Your satisfaction is always #1 priority!

5 Reason to Consider on a Toddler Scooter 

1. Fun: Your kids will fll in love with LED flashing wheels and cool graffiti deck

2. Safe: 3-wheel lean-to-steer design ensure balance for green hand. The non-slip deck and rear brake guarantee kids riding experience

3. Easy assemble and store: Removable handlebar will save space in your house

4. Practical: Adjustable T-bar make the scooter grow with your kids. Great toy for his/her childhood

5. Good quality and Price

Pros and Cons on Scooter for Toddler:

This is a very good product. When my son just received the gift, he was very happy and liked. His first time playing was a bit unstable, but the good product is that it has 3 wheels and it is very helpful for the scholars. Stable, because my son is only 5 years old, and the wheels of this scooter have lights in the evening. The lights on the wheels will look great, and the scooter can be folded like a small suitcase. My son is very Like this scooter.

My daughter had a Red Ryder scooter that was very similar to this at her mother’s house that she loved and I was skeptical about buying a random brand on Amazon but the scooter is wonderful and she likes it even more than the other scooter she owns. The wheels light up which is a cool bonus. I’ve gone back and bought another one. It’s easy to fold up and expand and the quality is pretty good.

This scooter is so cute, very well made and durable. I bought this scooter as a Birthday gift for my daughter and he absolutely loves it! I like the fact that the height can be adjusted so it will be use for many years ,i never need to worry my daughter’s growth.My daughter always like to ride it at night,because she likes the flashing wheels very much.The board is wide so it makes it easy for kids to keep it balance.NO complaints,i would recommend it to others.

Love Love Love this scooter. My daughter does too. It’s been fun and easy to ride. The light up wheels are a nice design.This scooter seems pretty durable. The break in the back is very easy to push down,it is sturdy and well built; plus, the light up wheels are so fun! I got this for my daughter to grow in to, but now I have friends kids who love it and even my nephew likes it.Definitely a purchase I would recommend.

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