Glenroy Specialist School Newsletter - May 19th, 2011

Copy of GSS Newsletter May 19th, 2011

From the Principal

Each fortnight I enjoy starting the newsletter with celebrations about the work that is done in our school.

I am not beginning with celebration but with continuing frustration.

Last night I was interviewed by a young reporter and his statements once again emphasized the misinformation that has been circulated about our new school.
He insisted that Glenroy Specialist School was merging with Ballerrt Mooroop College. Our schools are not merging but will be neighbors on a block of land that is more than big enough for both schools.

He spoke of us building our school on an area that is sacred. A formal investigation has been conducted. There has been no report stating that the DEECD land that we will build on is sacred.

Using the My School Website for evidence, he questioned whether I believed that it was unfair that students in a Koorie school are funded to a higher level than our students. My response to this comment is that educational funding is determined on educational grounds and reflects the needs of specific student groups. We manage to run an excellent school with the funding we get but of course we would be able to do more.

He also spoke of another protest meeting that is being held at the land this Sunday.

There has not been any obvious progress with our new school since I last wrote to you although I know that work has been done behind the scenes to try and get the project started.

At our School Council meeting on Monday night it was decided that Deb Taylor, our School Council President will write to both the Minister for Education, Martin Dixon, and the Secretary of DEECD, Jeff Rosewarne, expressing the concerns and anxieties of our school community. In her letters, Deb will request that both the Minister and the Secretary meet with representatives of the Council.

The Council has also asked Craig Anderson to prepare a letter that all families will be able to send to the Minister and the Secretary. These letters will come home with your child next week and can be returned to the school.

Hopefully we will have more positive news about our new school by the next newsletter..."

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