Glenroy Specialist School Newsletter - June 1st, 2011

Copy of GSS Newsletter June 1st, 2011

From the Principal

We were excited to hear last week that work would resume on our new school site on May 31st, starting with the builder completing the site fence. I am writing this on June 1st and I have heard that work is again being postponed, this time as a mark of respect to the Koorie Community as this week is celebrated as Reconciliation Week.

Respect is one of the values that underpin all that we do in our school and if I had been any part of the conversation about restarting the project this week, I believe that I would have requested a slightly later starting date. Because we were not involved in any consultations the change in date has left us once again disappointed and anxious.

In anticipation of the work starting I have had new school signs put on the front fence so that the local community knows that we are celebrating. I think that we will add balloons when it does actually start.

Deb Taylor received a response to her letters to the Minister for Education and the Secretary of DEECD stating that work was underway to ensure a prompt start to our project, and that she would receive a more formal response by the end of this week.

The School Council has asked me to thank you for your strong response to the letter writing campaign. Craig has told me that he will hand deliver the letters today. It is important that the Minister clearly understands the impact that the delays and uncertainty has on our school community.

I have been interviewed by the Moreland Leader, and a photographer has been in the school this morning. Hopefully there will be an article published on Monday that tells the story of our need for a new school fairly and accurately. Once again, I am keeping my fingers crossed and I will let you know as soon as work begins!

While we are anxious for the start of our new school, work goes on here as usual. Staff are planning and delivering terrific programs, the students happy to be at school, engaged in their learning and amazing us with their achievements.
We celebrate the fact that we have aware students who have strong opinions but Caitlyn surprised us all last week with her bus protest. She is unhappy to be travelling on an older bus than usual and felt the need to make her point.

We have just had an emergency evacuation drill which showed us just how quickly we can react to keep everyone safe. No one likes having their work disrupted but our amazing staff and students were all out of the building in record time and were happy to celebrate a job well done when they were told that it was safe to re enter the building.

Thank you to all families who are responding so well to the phone SSG meetings. The DEECD guidelines that we hold 4 SSG meetings each year are challenging for many families and our phone meetings for two of the SSG’s seems like a good alternative. Please give us your thoughts on this process as part of your meeting.

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